“Do” Only Gets You Half the Way There, or…“No Pie for You!”

Mark Graban has been gracious enough to allow me to guest blog on his LeanBlog - probably the granddaddy of all lean blogs. I hope  that you find my post on PDCA value-added. I know what you're thinking, "PDCA...again?!?" But, there's at least a little bit of new insight here. Plus, you may be curious about the connection between lean and Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi...

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Great stuff here Mark.As I begin with a new company that is just beiningng it's Lean journey, I need reminders like this.Always educational.I don't think you can stress this enough when early in the process. It may be uncomfortable for those involved but needs to be ingrained in all aspects. Put another way, trust but verify. Never assume.