TWI: Let's Not Forget the Original Cause and Those Who Sacrifice(d)

TWI picTraining Within Industry (TWI), specifically the JM or Job Methods program (one of three within TWI), is a seed of kaizen. TWI, so successfully applied in the U.S. to increase WWII wartime production, was exported to post-war Japan...and then promptly forgotten in the U.S.

The TWI export, in combination with Deming's sharing of the Shewhart cycle (PDCA), served as much of the feedstock for the Toyota Production System. But truly this Gemba Tales post is not about TWI or anything lean. It's really about those within our armed services who sacrificed so much in prior conflicts and who sacrifice now.

LSS Academy's Ron Pereira has just posted what he calls perhaps his most significant blog article. It is a heartfelt posting in which he recognizes the sacrifice of our men and women in the military. Ron has also graciously committed to purchase care packages with the profits realized from sales (now until Easter) of the LSS Academy Guide to Lean audio book. As Ron has requested, please keep our military personnel and their families in your thoughts and prayers and consider buying his audio book. Ron, you're an inspiration.