Management Improvement Carnival #126

Gemba Tales is proud to host the 126th edition of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival. Curious Cat’s founder John Hunter facilitates this sharing of lean thought-provoking posts three times each month.

The lean blogosphere continues to gain more great content from an ever increasing number of lean thinkers. Simply put, there's a ton of great stuff generated by a host of really smart folks.

In order to compile this edition of the Carnival, I visited  many sites. I did not include all of the "big guns" (like Graban, Flinchbaugh, Miller, etc.) - one reason for the Carnival is to expose readers to some lean thinkers that they may not necessarily be familiar with.

I hope you access the links below and find the posts edifying. As you can see, some of the posts are grouped under certain themes. Enjoy.

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Brian Buck's picture

Thank you for including my post Mark. I am honored to be recognized by you since your book and blog inspire me regularly.

markrhamel's picture


Happy to include your fine post!

Best regards,

Steve Martin - theThinkShack's picture

Thanks for the mention Mark. Thanks as well for clearing up the banjo thingy...although it should be noted I can hold my own playing acoustic guitar. And I sing. And I'm on Twitter.

Proud to be one of the "li'l guns" of lean.

How's the oil industry out your way?

markrhamel's picture


Being a fellow oil baron out here in the wide open plains for CT, I busted a gut reading your post!

Sorry about the banjo reference. I should know better with the frequent, "Luke, I am your father," imitations that I must suffer.

Best regards,

markrhamel's picture

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment. There is a lot of thoughtful stuff in the lean blogosphere, including your work at

Best regards,

David M. Kasprzak's picture

Thanks for doing the legwork, Mark! A couple good posts here I'd missed. Very glad you've pointed them out.